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Est. 1928

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Intermediate Level Pianos

Samick 121 PianoYamaha U1 PianoReid Sohn 112Ri  PianoKawai K300 Piano

Reid Sohn 112Ri

You might think ‘how can it be’, that such a small piano can be classed as an intermediate piano ! When the 112Ri was released it immediately won a ‘Best in its Class’ award. The 112Ri proves the point that ‘good tone’ is a direct relation to ‘good design’. Why not try it ? We think you will be impressed £3,250

Yamaha U1

Yamaha famous U1 piano ! Many thousands of U1's have been manufactured over the years. The manufacturing consistency of the U1 has meant that it is a piano by which other pianos can be judged. The U1's bright tone and great volume gives it an advantage in a class of noisy children, consequently it has become a teachers favourite ! POA.

Samick 121

Like the U1, this pianos ‘fast action’ will allow pianists to play to grade 8 and beyond. Whether you are a ‘home’ pianist hoping to upgrade, or a music teacher seeking to introduce your pupils to the refined ‘German Piano Tone’, the 121 will not disappoint ! Available in varying cabinet finishes inc; Mahogany Walnut and Ebony. P.O.A

Kawai K300

Founded in 1927, the Kawai piano company is the other (other than Yamaha) major Japanese piano manufacturer. Interestingly, the Kawai tone is not as bright sounding as the Yamaha tone, consequently it fits in-between the Yamaha and the German piano tone. The K300 is a pleasing piano, with a fast key action; Certainly worth penciling it in as a ‘piano to view’ !  P.O.A